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"It's a pleasure for me to work with a such beautiful, agile and adaptive singer!" - John Herote

"Amazing! You... mesmerising as always!" - Isaiah Bee

"Félicitations julia et jhon, tres beau travail, chanson tres belle et ce clip tu es merveilleuse julia, j adore cette chanson" - Jean Read More
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"Sweet sweet voice Julia!! Stunning addiction!!" - Paolo Pieraccini

"I am very much impressed with Julia voice, it's a real pleasure to listen too" - Sacred Neha

"Epic intro! Great work! Julia's always fascinating and superbly pitched vocal!" - Erizan Batista

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Julia Crystal
"Epic sounds with beautiful vocals, great job!!!" - Dodge Jury Productions

"Julia What an Timbre in Singing awesome!!!!!!" - Balaj Balraj

"Catchy song with powerful vocal!!!" - Boon-Suzuki

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Welcome to my website! Here you shall be able to find further info about me, will be able to listen my songs, watch my videos, check my journey from a consistent and complete way. Here you will also have the option to know the Julia Crystal Sign-Up Plan and get some goodies as gift just for you. I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you and dedicate more time with lot of organization, once I keep a lot of pages updated and I couldn't be able or available to everybody at once.


As independent singer and artist, I feel myself free to depict my art in order to share entertainment, knowledge and positive changes. I work with national and international artists and writers. I feel thankful to every single one that dedicate their time and precious art with me. If you wish to work with me, just click above in the Contact link and send me a message concerning this subject and will possibilities with affection.


Thanks to my fans and friends which has been escorting me during just magical-music journey Through the music we can create a better world, even more beautiful and build dreams with happy reality.

Julia Crystal

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Julia Crystal is an award winning singer, songwriter, producer and Vegan Author of lyrics in the style Pop, Lyric Pop, New Age, Rock, Country and Ballads, interpreted in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Several tracks also contain advanced spiritual messages.

She is known in social networks for her impact messages and ease in singing various musical styles and languages.

Julia received the support of fans and followers and achieved the victory in the ArtistSignal contest obtaining the # 1 among more than 3000 artists from several countries, receiving the prize of $ 10,000.

In addition to singing and managing her pages on social networks, she also record in her studio, songs by great artists around the world, also producing her own videos.

Julia Crystal has actively participated in her album "A Journey To Shamballa" with messages important to humanity and is currently preparing something special to her fans. She hopes everyone can hear her songs and that each one finds the best way to express herself in this world.


Several musical elements promise to engage the fans of sonority in the vibe of Enya, Sarah Brigthman and Celine Dion with the beautiful and soft tone of Julia Crystal's voice, enchanting with each song, which literally touches our soul. Ivanildo Assis.

For being a versatile artist her songs convey peace and high energy. Mixing electronic rhythms the trip-hop, synth pop with classical music and new age with an unique and very criativity interpretation.



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